• How do I know if my Car Needs Engine Repair?

    Sunday 20 December 2015

    It's one thing that nobody wants to hear regarding their car, "It's going to need engine repair." Many people instantly assume that this means their vehicle is going to require expensive repair, but that may not be the case. As long as you take your car into a professional auto repair shop as soon as you notice a problem there is a good chance it can be resolved with minimal work. If you ever experience the following four symptoms of engine trouble be sure to make that appointment right... read more

  • Auto Maintenance Tips to Increases MPGs

    Friday 11 December 2015

    Gas pricing are reaching lows across the nation that haven't been seen in years. While this is great news for all drivers it doesn't mean that people shouldn't still be trying to get the most distance possible out of a tank of gas. There are many auto maintenance procedures that you can perform for your vehicle in order to increase your fuel efficiency, saving you hundreds of dollars at the gas pump over the course of a single year. Here are 5 quick tips to maximize your vehicle's miles... read more

  • The Qualities to Look for in an Austin Auto Repair Shop

    Wednesday 11 November 2015

    Searching for a reliable auto repair shop can be difficult thanks to the stigma that independent facilities have acquired over the years. How do you know who you can trust and who is just going to try to get the most money out of your wallet? There are a few characteristics that you can look for as you search for an honest auto shop that will ensure you're not only going to get a great repair, but be treated well, also. ASE Certified Technicians To ensur... read more

  • Easy Tips to Find a Great Auto Repair Shop

    Sunday 11 October 2015

    If you're searching for an auto repair shop you no doubt want to trust your vehicle to a shop that has a reputation for doing honest work at affordable prices. While a quick Google search may reveal many options in regard to shops near your home, how can you tell which will be able to actually take care of the problem with your vehicle, without ripping you off? There are a few key ingredients to a great shop. Be sure to look for the following qualities in your search for auto re... read more

  • 5 Major Warning Signs of Transmission Failure

    Friday 11 September 2015

    Your car or truck's transmission, whether it is automatic or manual, controls the speed of the engine and transfers power to the wheels. When a vehicle is driven properly the transmission helps to achieve maximum miles per gallon and ensures the engine doesn't run so fast that parts break or seals blow. It is important to conduct proper transmission maintenance throughout the life of your vehicle at mileage intervals recommended by your auto's manufacturer. If you don't you will... read more