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5 Major Warning Signs of Transmission Failure

Your car or truck's transmission, whether it is automatic or manual, controls the speed of the engine and transfers power to the wheels. When a vehicle is driven properly the transmission helps to achieve maximum miles per gallon and ensures the engine doesn't run so fast that parts break or seals blow. It is important to conduct proper transmission maintenance throughout the life of your vehicle at mileage intervals recommended by your auto's manufacturer. If you don't you will begin to experience these signs of transmission problems that will likely result in a need for costly auto repair. If you experience any of the following transmission failure symptoms call your local mechanic to schedule an appointment right away to avoid more extensive problems.

Grinding Gears

A common sign of transmission trouble is a grinding noise happening during shifting. A shaking sensation coming from the clutch pedal or the gear shifter may also accompany the noise.

Transmission Fluid in the Driveway

A common sign of major transmissions problems is a transmission fluid leak. This fluid is a reddish color and will drip directly from the transmission. If you find this fluid collecting in your driveway make a repair appointment right away.

Burning Clutch Smell

You probably remember learning to drive a stick shift and smelling the clutch burn as you figured out how to operate the pedals properly. Well if you've been driving a manual transmission car for a while and you smell this, then you probably need a clutch adjustment or replacement.

Transmission Pops out of Gear

Your transmission should never fall out of gear on its own. If it does this is likely a sign of low transmission fluid or missing gear teeth.

Slow Response from Automatic Transmission

Automatic transmissions should not have a delay when they are placed into drive. If they respond slowly when put into gear there may be a problem with the torque converter the vehicle may be low on automatic transmission fluid. A slow response can be characterized by high revving when shifted into drive or reverse.

If you experience any of these problems, or something else that leads you to believe you're having transmission issues call a mechanic to have the problem diagnosed and repaired. If you need transmission repair in Austin contact Oak Hill Automotive. The professional mechanics at our modern repair shop will be able to identify the issue and repair it in a timely manner. We conduct all sorts of of domestic, Asian and European auto repair, including routine maintenance such as oil changes and more complex services like engine diagnostics. Give us a call to request an appointment for quality auto repair in Austin today!

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