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This is why your car needs routine auto maintenance

Your car takes care of your transportation needs, getting you to and from all the places you want and need to go. In order to continue having that freedom it is important that you in turn take care of your car's maintenance needs. If you check the service schedule inside the owner's manual you will find out exactly what your vehicle requires and when. Maintenance is performed at certain mileage points to ensure your car is running the best it possibly could. Here is how maintenance benefits your car.

Best MPGs

By conducting routine maintenance you will find yourself spending less time at the gas station and more time on the road. Regular maintenance includes changing filters and running diagnostics to ensure that certain sensors are operating properly. This is one of many ways that routine maintenance will save you money in the long term.

Keeps warranty valid

If your vehicle is under warranty it is important that you keep up with all the necessary service it requires to keep that warranty valid. This generally applies to oil changes, fluid flush services and other maintenance that is part of the 30-60-90K plans that many different vehicle manufacturers utilize.

Provides top of the line engine performance

When you give your car the attention that it deserves it rewards you by offering the best performance possible. Quick and responsive acceleration, excellent power, and great towing capabilities, when applicable. The longer you put off services the more decline in performance you will experience.

Prevents breakdowns

Of course, one of the main reasons maintenance is necessary is because car parts, like many other things in life, don't last forever. They wear out over time due to friction or general age. This goes for fluids as well, which is why it is necessary to complete fluid flush services as necessary.

Ensures a safe vehicle

During routine maintenance the vehicle is overlooked to check for any impending problems. This helps keep your car reliable and safe to drive.

Never put off auto maintenance, as it will only lead to trouble for you and your car! To schedule expert auto maintenance in Austin head to Oak Hill Automotive. Our AAA approved auto shop is staffed by ASE certified technicians are are ready to help you keep your car running great. Give us a call to request a quote for professional auto repair in Austin today for your import or domestic vehicle!

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