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Does my Vehicle Need Suspension Repair?

If you were to purchase a brand new vehicle today and drive it off the lot you would certainly feel a difference in ride comfort compared to a car that has been on the road for numerous years. You can thank healthy suspension for the increased ride comfort, but the suspension does more than keep your journey smooth, it also keeps it more safe. The suspension has the important duty of keeping all four wheel on the ground as you cruise down the road, ensuring adequate braking power when it's needed. It also prevents your car from rolling over while cornering. For these reasons and simply because you want to keep your journey comfortable, be sure to pay attention for these signs it is time for suspension service.

Bouncy Ride

One of the most common symptoms of suspension trouble is a car that bounces excessively. You can test your car's suspension by conducting a bounce test. To do so simply push on the hood or trunk of the car so that it begins to bounce up and down. Once there is decent movement let go and count how many bounces it takes for the car to return to its normal ride height. If it is any more than 3 or 4 bounces you will likely want to have a mechanic take a peek to see if it could be time for some new suspension parts.

One Corner Rides Low

If it appears that one corner of your vehicle is low but the tire is not flat it is likely due to failed suspension. As shocks get old they will grow weak and collapse on themselves. This issue will result in your car being difficult to control as it will cause drifting and/or pulling. It will also result in your tires wearing unevenly, leading to a need for new tires prematurely.

Oil on the Struts

Struts use a special oil to help to hydraulically absorb the bumps of roadways. Old struts may crack or have their seals broken, resulting in the oil leaking out. This will cause much more stiff ride. If you're experiencing an uncomfortable journey grab a rag and reach through the wheel well to rub the struts and see if you detect any liquid on them. If so, it's time for new struts.

Rollover Sensation

The scariest symptom of suspension trouble is the feeling that your car is going to rollover while going around a corner. Part of your vehicle's suspension is the anti-sway bar, tasked with shifting the car's center of gravity while cornering. If this part were to fail you could end up on your roof.

If you ever suspect suspension trouble head to Oak Hill Automotive for quality suspension repair in Austin. Give us a call to request a quote for professional auto repair in Austin today for your import or domestic vehicle! We look forward to keeping your ride safe and comfortable.

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